The Best Prank Calling Apps for Android

The Best Prank Calling Apps for Android

Here you can get The Best Prank Calling Apps for Android. Prank calling has existed almost since telephones first arrived on the scene, but smartphone apps’ ascension has taken it to an entire new level. Many folks use our smartphones to share experiences, connect with friends, and play jokes are often one among the funniest things to try to to, albeit it’s not the simplest use of time! Making fake calls are often a hilarious activity, although you ought to only do that to friends once you know they’re going to take the prank within the right way. Prank calling apps works as female to male or male to female voice changer app, or make a call appear as if it’s from an unknown number so your secret won’t tend away.

Below you will find the best prank calling apps for android from the many we’ve looked at. Any of these will give you hours of fun, so let’s begin!

Fake call – prank

In fake call you’ll simulate an incoming call prank.

How to use fake call – prank:
Tap call now to activate fake call prank.
Tap schedule to line a timer for fake call prank.

Fake call prank features:

Set caller name.
Set caller number.
Choose caller picture.
Choose a personality like police or pizza.
Set a ringtone or use the default ringtone.
Set a voice for caller.
Record a voice for caller.

Disclaimer: fake call game doesn’t have a true incoming call feature – it just a simulated incoming call.

Additional information

Updated21 February 2021
Current Version0.43
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByGameAndro

Download Fake call – prank

Prank Call Wars

Prank call your friends with plenty of scripted pranks!

1. Choose a funny prank call – for instance “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”
2. Select a lover or family member’s telephone number and send the decision
3. hear the decision LIVE and share the recording with friends

* IMPORTANT NOTICE – All calls are going to be sent from Official Prank Wars phone numbers. an inventory of our verified phone numbers is published on our website.

– hear your funny recorded phone calls.
– Download your recordings.
– Share your recordings together with your friend.
You have the control to record the call!

– 100+ prank calls to settle on from, new pranks added hebdomadally
– hear funny prank calls submitted by other users!
– Save calls to prank call history (now FREE for all users) and share with friends

There are plenty of the way to urge more calling coins:
1. Buy our coin packages on sale.
2. Share and invite your friends.
3. Complete tasks: watch ads, videos, etc.
4. hebdomadally we provides a coin bonus – stay tuned!

Additional information

Updated12 May 2021
Current Version1.1.57
Requires Android4.2 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByPrank app Studios

Download Prank Call Wars

JuasApp – Prank Calls

JuasApp may be a popular Ppank calling app that allows you to send pre-recorded prank calls. The calls are made up of a web service, therefore the receiver won’t determine who’s behind. it’ll not cost your mobile bill; however, you’ve got to shop for credits from the app. Alternatively, you’ll earn free credits by loving in with Facebook and adding referrals to friends.

Laugh aloud playing joke calls to your friends and family, and sharing their reactions on Whats-app and Social Networks.

Get FREE joke calls with the download of the app, with the login to Facebook and with the advice of the app, where you’ll get as many free calls as your friends purchase, always that you simply are both connected through the app.

Calls aren’t launched from your mobile but from our systems, in order that they are going to be at no cost for you. in just 2 minutes, the joke are going to be on your app, able to be listened and shared with other friends.

Download JuasApp NOW and celebrate like never together with your friends!

Additional information

Updated20 May 2021
Current Version1.3.190521.132
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingRated for 12+
Offered ByFunnyApps LLC

Download JuasApp – Prank Calls

Voice changer with effects

Change your voice and celebrate taking note of your modified voice!
Record your voice, apply effects, and share them together with your friends.


Helium, robot, giant, backwards, monster, extraterrestrial, zombie, alien, squirrel, drunk… and lots of more!


✓ Share (whatsapp, e-mail, etc…)
✓ Save recording
✓ Piano
✓ Create image with sound. you’ll share it on Facebook
✓ Import pre-recorded sound
✓ Create voice from text
✓ Set as ringtone
✓ Set as notification sound

Additional information

Updated6 July 2020
Current Version3.7.7
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByBaviux

Download Voice changer with effects


• Make cheap international phone calls to landlines and cell phones!
• Record and hear your calls!
• boost your phone calls with hilarious sounds and voice effects

• The simplest and cheapest international phone calls within the Google Play!
• Make a DEMO call, hear your voice change!

• The way to use the app:
1. Enter the amount you’d wish to call.
2. Select your friend’s country.
3. Select the voice you desired.
4. After the decision is answered by the opposite side, alter your voice in real-time.
5. Play funny sound effects during the conversation.

Available voices to pick from and alter during a call:
1. Helium balloon (very high voice)
2. Funny sound (high voice)
3. Man sound (low voice)
4. Scary sound (very low voice)
5. Regular sound (your natural voice)

Available sound effects to pick from and alter during a call:
Cat meow, Moo, Dog bark, Fart…

Stay on the brink of your friends and family everywhere the world!
Enjoy international calls at the simplest price to landlines and mobiles in over 150 countries round the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, the center East, and lots of other destinations!
Available on smartphones, tablets. Now it’s even easier to call friends and family – regardless of the country they’re on.

Listen to your funny recorded phone calls, download and share together with your friends.

*Note that calls are remodeled the web by VOIP, confirm you’ve got a robust internet connection before using the app.

We attempt to give the simplest support for our users if you encounter a drag don’t hesitate to send an email to our support team from the support button within the app.

Additional information

Updated10 April 2021
Current Version5.1.10
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFun-calls

Download Fun calls

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