The Best Free Calorie Counting Apps for Android

The Best Free Calorie Counting Apps for Android

Here you can get The Best Free Calorie Counting Apps for Android. Dieting may be a matter of study. you’ll stop on all the sweets and delicacies and still carry that extra pound. By following the proper technique of food intake and being conscious of what proportion calories it all contains can assist you shred off the extra weights. Calorie tracking app act as a magic wand to assist you consume the proper amount of food and drinks.

There are many free and paid apps to the food diary app that permits you to log your food intake either adding manually or just scanning a barcode. Let’s inspect the simplest free calorie tracker apps that also help to stay an eye fixed on nutrition.


MyFitnessPal gives you access to the most important food database available—over 14 million foods, including global cuisine and restaurant items—making it easy to log everything you eat!

And with an engaged online community 200 million members strong, you’ll find endless inspiration and advice as you strive to reduce , get fit, or keep your nutrition & calories on target. This is the app for you if you would like to find out more about yourself and your habits … feel empowered to form smarter choices a day … find motivation & support throughout your entire journey … and conquer all of your goals.

Download and begin your free 30-day Premium trial to realize access to exclusive food and fitness logging tools and expert guidance. You’ll soon discover why MyFitnessPal is that the #1 Diet and Nutrition App within the U.S., a GQ 2020 Fitness Awards “Best Fitness App”, and has been featured within the ny Times, Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, and U.S. News & World Report.


Being a MyFitnessPal member is like having a dietitian, trainer, and coach at your fingertips.

■ Log Meals & Activity – Innovative tools make food & workout logging quick and straightforward .
■ Set Goals – Customize your personal weight, nutrition & fitness goals.
■ Track Your Progress – See today’s progress at a look , or analyze your nutrition & calories intimately .
■ Learn From Experts – Hit your goals faster with daily coaching from Meal & Workout Plans.
■ Stay Inspired – 250+ healthy recipes and 150+ workouts keep routines fresh and fun.
■ Connect With Community – Find friends, motivation, support & tips in our active forums.

And so much more!


Gain Valuable Insights Through Food Logging
Discover which foods fuel you best. The more you log, the more you’ll learn!

■ Biggest Food Database – Log over 14 million foods (including restaurant items).
■ Fast & Easy Logging Tools – Type to look , add foods from your history, or just scan the barcode on the package.
■ Calorie Tracker – Automatically calculate calories and see your daily progress.
■ Macro Tracker – Automatic macro calculator shows carbs, fat & protein breakdown by gram otherwise you .
■ Nutrition Insights – Analyze nutrition intake and set specific goals for macros, cholesterol, sodium, fiber & more .

Fully Customize Your App Experience
Stay focused! Choose settings that assist you achieve your personal goals.
■ Custom Goals – Track calories by meal or day, found out macro goals & far more .
■ Personalized Dashboards – Pick the stats you would like to ascertain at a look .
■ Net Carbs Mode – To simplify low carb eating, view net carbs rather than total carbs.
■ Add Your Own Foods – Save recipes and meals to quickly log again and again.
■ Exercise Calorie Settings – Decide how steps & workouts affect daily calorie goals.
■ Connect 50+ Apps & Devices – Track activity from your smartwatch and fitness apps.

Build Healthy Habits With 28-Day Expert-Guided Plans
Learn from our experts and obtain daily motivation to eat healthier or build a replacement fitness routine.

■ Meal Plans by a Registered Dietitian – Nutrition tips & recipes customized for your target calories, plus access to our Meal Planner tool!

Cook and Eat for Your Personal Goals
Eat well a day with 250+ healthy recipes handpicked by our registered dietitian.

■ Goal-Focused Collections – High Protein, Low Carb, Vegetarian & more .
■ One-Tap Logging – Add recipes you prepare on to your diary.

Train sort of a Pro Wherever You Go
Make faster progress with 150+ Self-Guided Workout Routines of each speed & style.

Additional information

Updated24 May 2021
Current Version21.10.0
Requires Android8.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByMyFitnessPal, Inc.

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Diet Tracker

SparkPeople is your personal diet and lifestyle coach.

Get healthy with customized workouts & meal plans ; reduce by tracking food & planning your diet.

Rated 5 stars by thousands of users, SparkPeople helps many people reach their goals; you’ll be next.


SparkPeople brings you the fitness tracking and carb counting tools, calorie charts, exercise demos, and therefore the detailed reporting which will assist you achieve your goals and alter your habits. The app has:

The Biggest Food Database of any Food Tracker & Diet App: With over 3,500,000 foods tracked, our easy food lookup helps you count the calories you eat while finding a diet that’s right for you.

  • Fast Diet & Fitness Tracking: It’s easy to trace your workouts and count the calories you burn. Track both strength and cardio with our easy-to-use search function, including sets, reps, and weight/rep. Calculate the caloric intake of any meal with our simple calorie calculator. Great for tracking macros and counting carbs!
  • Diet Program Agnostic: 1200 calorie diet, low carb or no carb diet, vegan diet, keto diet–it’s all an equivalent to us. We’ll assist you reach your goals, regardless of the diet you follow.
  • Hundreds of Exercise Demonstrations: Get fit, tone and avoid common exercise injuries with our short demos of popular cardio & strength exercises. All demos are performed by licensed trainers, so you’ll learn the proper way, whenever .
  • Food Intake and Diet Calculator: Find most foods with our barcode scanner. Get the proper calorie and nutritional information from our food database, & save the foods you eat to your food log. Use our calorie intake calculator & nutrition calculator with a faucet . Find the makeup the common nutrients & minerals in your diet: calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, & more.
  • Healthy Meal Planner: Set your goals and we’ll assist you plan out your meals for the week. It’ll make your new lifestyle change easier!
  • Track Your Weight Daily: Keep track of your progress with our easy to use weight & BMI chart.
  • Health, Diet & Fitness Articles: Read articles from SparkPeople’s nutritionists & fitness experts to find out more about your metabolism & the way to be healthier & more motivated. It’s like having a team of dietitians, nutritionists, & fitness trainers on your phone!
  • Total Integration: you’ll access your fitness & nutrition logs from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Connect Apps & Devices: Already use other apps or devices to trace your fitness, but need weight loss strategies & diet tracking? Just connect the app or device you employ to the present app! we provide full integration with FitBit, Jawbone UP, Google Fit, Misfit, Runkeeper, & Garmin devices.


The SparkPeople Calorie Counter, Food & Diet Tracker fully syncs with our site. Since 2001, has helped many people reduce and stay fit by offering support, education and powerful weight loss & fitness tools. together with your account, you’ll also access:

★’s vast library of healthy-living articles, fitness videos, & exercise planning tools.
★, our healthy recipe site. You’ll find over 600,000 healthy & tasty recipes that assist you reach your nutrition goals.
★ The web’s friendliest, most supportive healthy lifestyle community. Get support from other members who are right where you are; reach your weight loss & fitness goals while having fun!

Additional information

Updated19 April 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered BySparkPeople

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Welcome to FatSecret, the simplest to use calorie counter and best weight loss and dieting app on the market. better of all, FatSecret is free.

FatSecret is an Aussie company based in Melbourne. many thanks for supporting us. The app is ready-made for Australian foods and makes.

Keep track of your food, exercise and weight, using the world’s highest quality food and nutrition database and connect with a worldwide community of individuals looking to form a change for the higher and begin losing weight and achieve your goals the healthy way.

FatSecret is fast, simple to use and includes integration with external tools and services to assist you succeed together with your diet:

– a simple to use food diary to plan and keep track of what you’re eating.
– an exquisite community that’s able to provide support and turbo charge your weight loss.
– Image recognition of foods, meals and products so you’ll take photos with the camera and track nutrition with pictures.
– A barcode scanner and auto-complete functions.
– Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit exercise tracking integration.
– An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn.
– A diet calendar to ascertain your calories consumed and burned.
– A weight tracker.
– Detailed reporting and goals for all of your calories and macros.
– Photo album to stay a photodiet of your foodsnaps and instacalories.
– A journal to record your progress.
– Reminders for meals, weigh-ins and journals.
– Notifications for support, comments and followers.
– Fantastic recipes and meal ideas.
– Sharing and interacting together with your professional of choice.
– Facebook and Google login.
– Widget.

The app syncs with FatSecret Professional, the foremost convenient thanks to share your food, exercise and weight together with your preferred health care provider . Your health care provider will get free access to simple and powerful tools to watch your performance and supply you with feedback, advice and support.

You can also sync your account online to access your info anywhere, any time.

Premium subscriptions are available for enhanced features and capabilities for those that need some extra help to realize their diet and weight management goals. Premium users get:

– Nutritional meal plans created by our dietitian specifically for various diet preferences and calorie goals (Keto Style, Balanced, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting, High Protein Low Carb)
– Advanced Meal Planning: plan ahead and know beforehand what percentage calories each meal contains
– Custom Meal Headings: Six additional meal types that allow you to spread your food intake across multiple points within the day
– Water Tracking: so you’ll confirm you reach a daily water intake goal

Additional information

Updated2 June 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFatSecret

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Are you trying to find a calorie counter, food log, macronutrient tracker, or a comprehensive and effective diet plan? Meet MyNetDiary – your personal weight-loss, diet, and nutrition assistant. Get fit and stay healthy with MyNetDiary!

● Rated #1 mobile diet app by American Journal of medicine .
● Recognized by The ny Times as “simpler… quicker… also, it’s nicer” compared with similar apps.
● Featured in ABC, USA Today, Fox, Consumer Reports, Chicago Tribune, and therefore the Wall Street Journal.

● Over 12 million members.
● Average active members lose a 1.4 lbs hebdomadally
● Active members demonstrate 27 lbs or over 12% weight loss within the primary 7 months

● Set a weight goal
● Enter a target date ( vacation, wedding, or reunion )
● Get a calculated Calorie Budget
● Log daily meals and exercise
● Follow daily Calorie Budget
● Reach your goal and live healthy

● Choose your diet, the app will customize the recommendation , behavior and offer many easy recipes. Try Premium Diets*: Low-Carb, Keto, High-Protein, Low-Fat, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan or time-proven Calorie Counting.
● Plan meals beforehand to hit your macros targets

● Advanced recommendations suggesting diet tweaks
● Weight Forecast shows whether you’re on track
● Autopilot keeps you out of a weight plateau

● the simplest food database with restaurants, grocery stores, staples, special diets, and ethnic foods.
● Snap new foods with our PhotoFood tool, we’ll enter food’s Nutrition Facts for you.
● The food database is verified and updated a day .
● quite 400 Premium Recipes* created by Registered Dietitians.

● Scan the food package for straightforward calorie and nutrients entry.

● Timely notifications to log meals, enter weigh-ins, sleep, and vital sign .

● Track up to 40 nutrients, quite the other app.
● Choose what proportion energy comes from fat, carbs, and protein.
● Select a target for each nutrient, and therefore the app will provide feedback on your nutrition.
● Get insight into your dietary intake of saturated fat, sodium, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

● Find the simplest foods using Food Grade
● Use it with the barcode scanner for an ideal food shopping companion.

● Plot your weight loss journey.
● See how your body reacts to your dieting and exercise.
● Visualize your calories and macro statistics.
● Paint an enormous picture or zoom into your daily food log records.

● Fastest calorie counter.
● Remembers foods and servings for quickest entry.

● App syncs Steps, Exercises, Weight, Water, pulse , and more.
● Links* with Fitbit, Withings, and Garmin.
● Works with Google Fit and Samsung Health.
● Use an in depth fitness database, over 500 exercises

● Learn healthy recipes, delicious meals, and dieting techniques.
● examine the newest diet science from our team of Registered Dietitians.
● Collaborate and share experiences with other MyNetDiary members.

● far more than a calorie counter – an entire health tracker.
● Track vital sign , pulse , Blood Cholesterol, Medications, Test Results, Symptoms and more.
● Diabetes tracker to watch blood sugar , A1C, Net Carbs, Carb Count and Insulin intake.

● Adapt it to your unique needs.

Additional information

Updated4 June 2021
Current Version7.7.1
Requires Android6.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+

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Diet Point

Diet Point Weight Loss Coach comes full of quite 130 weight loss diet plans, innovative meal reminders and complete grocery lists.

• It takes the guesswork out of dieting
• 130+ complete diet plans
• Dedicated shopping list per each diet plan
• Gives weight-loss estimate for every plan
• it’ll remind you when it is time for your next meal
• 500+ tips to enhance your weight loss plan
• BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator
• Weight tracker and monitor
• Personal pocket-size weight-loss coach

Meal reminders are notifications that crop up whenever it is time for your next meal. they’re going to confirm you’ll never miss another breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack again and thus drastically improve your weight loss process.

Additional information

Updated9 March 2016
Current Version4.1.8
Requires Android4.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByDietPoint Ltd.

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