The Best Free Budget Apps and Money Apps for Android

The Best Free Budget Apps and Money Apps for Android

Here you can get The Best Free Budget Apps and Money Apps for Android. Some people never put a foot wrong when it involves personal finance and always manage to be on top of things of money flow in or out, and their amount of income. There are others folks , who don’t take the time, have the energy or interest, or perhaps don’t skills to form the proper money decisions, and sometimes feel guilty for not making more effort during this regard.

If you discover taking care of your finances confusing or overwhelming, it’d be an honest idea to form use of a number of the simplest finance apps available. employing a money manager app can assist you to arrange your daily expenditure. These can assist you with avoiding debt, balancing your budget, and keeping track of what’s happening together with your checking account , and relieve stress levels about your financial situation.


How does one manage your budget and watch every dollar? With Monefy, your financial organizer and finance tracker, it’s simple. whenever you purchase a coffee, pay a bill, or make a daily purchase, you simply got to add each expense you’ve got — that’s it! Just add new records whenever you create a sale . It’s wiped out one click, so you don’t got to fill anything except the quantity . Tracking daily purchases, bills, and everything else you spend money on has never been so quick and enjoyable with this money manager.

How does one track your personal expenses successfully? What about your personal capital?

Let’s face it — saving money in today’s world isn’t easy. you would like a budget. Luckily, Monefy is quite a money tracker, it is also one among the simplest savings apps to assist you with money management. Keep track of your personal expenses and compare them to your monthly income with the budget planner. Keep your monthly budget in mint condition. Your new budgeting app will assist you become a budgeting master and begin saving money with Monefy.

Do you own multiple mobile devices? Maybe you would like to share budget and expense tracking with a big other. Monefy helps by safely synchronizing data between multiple devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones, and therefore the changes are going to be made on other devices right away!

Key features which make tracking enjoyable and powerful:

– Add new records quickly with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface
– See your spending distribution on an easy-to-read chart, or get detailed information from the records list
– Safely synchronize using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account
– take hold of recurring payments
– Track in multi-currencies
– Access your spending tracker easily with handy widgets
– Manage custom or default categories
– Backup and export personal finance data in one click
– economize with budget tracker
– Stay secure with passcode protection
– Use multiple accounts
– Crunch numbers with the built-in calculator

Additional information

UpdatedMay 12, 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByAimbity AS

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Expense Manager

Looking for an expense and budget tool? Stop searching. Expense Manager is straightforward , intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that’s just designed for you. Everything you would like at your fingertips to manage the expenditures, checkbook and budgets.

100% FREE – full features, no hidden charges or in-app purchases by Bishinews.

Expense Tracking

• Tracking expenses and incomes
• Split Transaction – Record all items during a single transaction with different category and amount
• Recurring expense and income
• Multiple accounts
• Taking an image of receipt
• Tracking tax
• Tracking mileage
• Tracking debts
• mastercard
• mastercard and bank SMS message parsing
• Write, Print, and Email Checks

Budget and Bill Organizing

• Organizing bills by week, month and year also as by categories
• Schedule the payments and recurring payments
• Payment alerts
• Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget with progress bar
• Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summary
• Calendar view for expense and income
• Calendar budget forecasting

Search and Report

• Search by category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment method, status, description, tag, etc.
• Reports in HTML, CSV, Excel and PDF
• Import and export account activities
• Charts by category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment method, status, description, tag, date etc.
• Email report for print

Backup and Sync

• Automatic backup on Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Card
• Automatic sync between Android devices via Dropbox

Connect to PC via Network

• View all accounts on one page in bigger screen
• Do your regular work like add expense/income, edit Settings, view charts etc.
• Add multiple expense or income records
• Backup data and restore data on PC

Convenient tools

• Currency converter
• Regular calculator
• Tip calculator
• Loan calculator
• mastercard payoff calculator
• Interest calculator
• Note
• Shopping list


• User can easily customize background color, action bar color and button color.
• Customizing date format
• Customizing category and subcategory
• Payment method, payee/payer, Tags, income category and standing are often entered or updated by user
• Multiple currencies support

Additional information

Updated4 April 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByBishinews

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Money Manager

Money Manager – the #1 financial planning, review, expense tracking, and private asset management app for Android!

Money Manager makes managing personal finances as easy as pie! Now easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets with Money Manager’s spending tracker and budget planner.

* Applying double-entry bookkeeping bookkeeping accounting
Money Manager facilitates efficient asset management and accounting. It doesn’t just record your money coming in and out of your account but deposits your money into your account as soon as your income is input and draws money from your account as soon as your expense is input.

* Budget and expense management function
Money Manager shows your budget and expenses by a graph so you’ll see the quantity of your expense against your budget quickly and make suitable financial inferences

* Credit / open-end credit management function
Entering a settlement date, you’ll see the payment amount and outstanding payment at the asset tab. you’ll arrange the automated debit by simply connecting your open-end credit together with your account.

* Passcode
You can check passcode so you’ll safely manage your financial review ledger with Money Manager

* Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function
Transfer between assets is feasible , which makes your personal and business asset management more efficient. additionally , you’ll manage you a salary, insurance, term deposit and loan more easily by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.

* Instant statistics
Based on the info entered, you’ll instantly see your expense by category and changes between monthly . And you’ll see the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph also .

* Bookmark function
You can easily input your frequent expenses all directly by bookmarking them.

* Backup / Restore
You can make and consider backup files in Excel file and backup/restore is feasible .

* Other functions
– Change of starting date
– Calculator function (Amount > upper right button)
– Sub Category ON-OFF function

Additional information

Updated1 June 2021
Current Version4.5.13 FO
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByRealbyte Inc.

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Get an edge of your personal finances and track your everyday expenses using this top rated money management app. With MoneyWise you’ll create budgets and monitor income.

With MoneyWise it is easy to register your expenses on the go. Using graphs and filters you get an summary of paying patterns and may also drill right down to see details. For more in-depth analysis of your financial situation you’ll easily export all data to your computer and import it to a spreadsheet application like Excel.

Setting a budget is that the best thanks to get an edge of your spendings and confirm your expenses are in line together with your target. Popular budgets items are “Grocery expenses”, “Transportation” and “Eating out”. Budgets are often assail a monthly, weekly or biweekly bases with the choice to shift the starting day of month or week. you opt yourself which transactions are included in each budget item employing a filter.

MoneyWise is that the only money management app that supports tagging transactions with labels. you ought to always assign an expense category to every transaction to urge an honest structure of your spending, but labels add an entire new dimension when filtering the info . Example of labels are “work”, “private”, “charity”, “vacation”, project codes or client names.

Feature overview:

✔ Doesn’t require internet access, no registration
✔ Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian
✔ Supports all currencies (e.g. $, €, £, ₩, ¥, kr, R$)
✔ Multiple accounts
✔ Budgets with weekly, biweekly or monthly budget periods and configurable starting day
✔ Password protection
✔ Graph expenses over time
✔ Graph expenses by category
✔ Tag expenses using labels
✔ Filter by categories and labels
✔ View by day/week/month/year
✔ Monitor account balances
✔ Export data to a spreadsheet application (such as Excel)
✔ Mark transactions as cleared by the bank
✔ Split a transaction over multiple categories
✔ Use sub categories
✔ Calculator
✔ Budget manager
✔ Expense tracker and checkbook

Additional information

Updated9 January 2020
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByHandy North

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Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker is that the easiest and most user friendly expense manager app within the store. the straightforward fact is, by tracking your spending you’ll be ready to stick with a budget and thus economize . So download it for free of charge , enter your expenses and income, and have instant control over your spending!

★ Features ★

✔ Simple and intuitive interface
– helps you to simply manage your spending
– super fast expense entry

✔ Flexible Time Periods
– prefer to track Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly

✔ Budget Mode
– optionally set a hard and fast budget amount to assist you meet your spending targets
– carry over any remaining budget to subsequent month or week

✔ Summary View
– overview of your current balance along side expense and income totals
– see your main areas of paying

✔ Log Expense and Income
– repeat your expenses daily, weekly or monthly
– export to CSV to be used during a spreadsheet
– export to PDF for viewing and printing (Pro Upgrade required)

✔ Multiple Accounts
– create separate personal, business and savings accounts for instance

✔ Reports
– beautiful and interactive charts allow easy visualisation of where your money goes
– view spending grouped by category
– see your history so you’ll track your progress

✔ Categories
– editable expense and income categories
– choose a top quality icon for every category

✔ Syncing (Pro Upgrade required)
– automatically sync your data to other Android devices
– you’ll also sync to iOS and Windows versions of paying Tracker, which can require a separate upgrade on these platforms

✔ Backups
– keep your data safe by backing up to Dropbox
– the auto backups feature will lookout of it for you

✔ Widget
– put the widget on your home screen for straightforward access
– quick add buttons

✔ Local Tips
– optionally receive tips once you enter participating local venues (requires location and bluetooth permissions)
– this might include money saving offers

✔ Special design layout for tablets
– optimal use of larger screen size makes it even better for managing your money

Additional information

UpdatedMay 29, 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current Version2.4.1
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByMH Riley Ltd

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