Free Best Weather App for Android in 2021

Here you can get Free Best Weather App for Android in 2021. Not goodbye ago, knowing the weather ahead was just about guesswork or involved tuning to the daily weather outlook that wasn’t always reliable. However, times have changed and predicted the weather is now a way more exact science, with forecasts being updated in real-time.

If you would like to understand whether to pack a bikini, take an umbrella to figure , or go camping at the weekend, an honest weather app can assist you plan your day or week. Maybe, as an example, you would like to understand whether it’s best to plan a picnic for Saturday or Sunday or want to understand whether you’ll need your thickest coat if you’re getting to attend an outdoor event. There are now many trustworthy weather apps that bring up-to-the-minute forecasts to our fingertips.

There are many weather apps for Android available on the Google Play Store, and they can be handy for finding out the latest weather forecast, especially if you live in a changeable climate. All of the following android weather apps are free to download, though some include in-app purchases, either to remove ads or for additional features.


Weawow may be a beautiful and highly accurate weather outlook application.
You can also sell your photos at the Weawow marketplace.

Accurate and detailed weather outlook for free of charge

– Free without advertisement: No annoying advertisements are displayed in the least .
– Beautiful photos and weather outlook : the gorgeous photos posted by users are matched with the weather forecast and displayed, so you’ll see the weather from the images .
– Corresponding weather forecast: live weather, today weather, tomorrow weather, 48 hour weather, weekly weather.
– Accurate and detailed weather: highest temperature, lowest temperature, live temperature, apparent (feels-like) temperature, probability of rain, precipitation, humidity, dew point, clouds cover, air pressure , wind speed, wind direction, UV index, visibility, air Quality, pollen.
– Covers worldwide: Countries, cities, spots, places, and native which will be searched using Google search.
– Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and 50 more languages.
– Animated radar map: rainy situation, temperature, cloud movement, wind movement, air pressure . All of those information are often seen up to 14 days ahead.
– Sun and Moon: Sunrise time, sunset time, twilight, moon phases, full-of-the-moon day, new phase of the moon day, age of the moon.
– Bookmark: Manage your favorite places with bookmarks.
– Simple interface: you’ll get the required information by simply scrolling down the screen.
– Choose your favorite theme: Dark theme and white theme are available.
– Severe Weather Alerts.

Beautiful widgets

– weather outlook widget with pictures: Enjoy a richer home screen with beautiful pictures and weather outlook .
– Around 10 sorts of widget: Sizes range from 1×1 to 4×4. Changeable font size, background transparency, color, place, civil time .
– Real time update: Automatically get the newest weather outlook .
– GPS support: albeit you progress to a different local, you’ll automatically get the weather information for that local.
– Clock, date: Supports civil time . Launches calendar application and clock application.

Daily notification and On-going notification

– Push notification: Notifies the weather outlook for that day at the required time.
– On-going notification: weather information up to eight hours ahead, weekly weather, current weather.
– Weather on the status bar: Current temperature, today’s highest temperature, today’s lowest temperature, weather type.

Covers worldwide, altogether cities

– samples of supported countries: United State (US), Canada, Mexico, uk (UK), Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and every one other countries.
– samples of supported cities: Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Boston, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Cleveland, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Prague, Warsaw, Kyiv, Moscow, Ankara, New Delhi, Tokyo, Buenos Aires , and every one other cities and native .

Posting and selling your photos

– you’ll post and sell your photos from Weawow’s browser service.
– The posted photos are automatically displayed after being matched with the weather within the application also .

Additional information

UpdatedFebruary 16, 2021
Current Version4.6.1
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingRated for 12+
Offered Byweawow weather app

Download Weather & Widget – Weawow


From local weather updates to today’s temperature, get the weather outlook you’ll believe . With in-depth forecast news, forecast updates, severe weather alerts, today’s weather, and far more. Our radar accuracy allows you to stay before the daily forecast and is that the weather tracker that creates the unpredictable, predictable.

Live weather whenever you would like it. Get today’s weather outlook , live alerts, radar maps, and detailed reports. Plus our daily forecast snapshots provide everything from severe weather warnings, to rain alerts, live radar, or maybe UV index. It’s the weather tracker you need!

Weather forecasting, severe weather warnings, local forecasts, radar & more:

• Improved UI – Enjoy our beautiful, streamlined layout with a shocking conditional background feature. Plus, our easy to use UI helps you to quickly visualize all of the relevant info you would like .
• Live local weather outlook info – Our Minute Cast feature has had a makeover – now you’ll enjoy Minute by Minute! Our meteorology feature gives you an in depth minute by minute breakdown of subsequent two hours so you don’t miss a second of weather updates.
• Severe weather warnings & the live weather outlook – Rain, wind, sun – you’ll be prepared for any weather event on the horizon. Get highs for today’s weather and tomorrow too with our Today Tonight Tomorrow feature or maybe get a 45-day outlook.
• Our weather tracker & live radar gives you superior accuracy™ whenever and wherever you would like it – Get worldwide weather updates if you’re home or away.
• Enjoy Real-feel & Real-feel Shade Temperature® technology – the difference between how the weather looks and the way it feels.
• transcend your local forecasts – Get stats and detailed live radar maps. Access hyper-localized mapping layers, including our temperature relief map , and live storm radar. Plus, dew point, UV index, visibility, allergy, precipitation, air quality index reports, and more.
• Relevant weather content – Read articles and watch videos that are personalized to your needs. From weather warnings to today’s temperature you’ll only get the content that’s right for you.

Your radar – be prepared for any weather that winter throws at you, wherever you live:

East Coast – Snow, wind, cold and more! Stay prepared with our local weather and live forecasts
Pacific Northwest – Get the newest updates on temperature and therefore the rain forecast with our live info and be prepared for any winter storms on the horizon
South Coast – From extreme humidity, severe storms, and ice, get live updates wherever you’re
West Coast – Check for updates on cloudiness and temperature

AccuWeather is that the weather tracker that works for you. the simplest part is you control what sort of weather alerts you get with our new custom notifications. Opt into Minute By Minute notifications to urge jacket or umbrella reminders and far more! From the daily forecast to minute-by-minute updates to radar maps, you’ll be prepared come rain or shine.

Severe weather warnings, today’s temperature, live radar maps & more!

• Get local forecasts and personalize the app counting on where you’re within the world.
• transcend today’s weather and appearance 45 days ahead to make sure that you’re prepared for any weather.
• Try the Minute by Minute feature for the foremost up so far live weather outlook , minute by minute.
• Weather alerts, storm alerts, and more! Get trending videos from AccuWeather’s dedicated news team.
• meteorology your way – filter consistent with your preferences

With AccuWeather’s superior accuracy™ you’ll never miss a flash thanks to the weather – calculate AccuWeather for reliable weather alerts and therefore the daily forecast. Rain, wind, or maybe snow whether you would like local forecasts, weather updates or just want to see today’s temperature with AccuWeather you’ve got everything you would like .

Download AccuWeather today for free of charge and luxuriate in award-winning superior accuracy™ in meteorology on your Android device.

Additional information

UpdatedMay 28, 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByAccuWeather

Download AccuWeather

The Weather Channel

Weather your way: The Weather Channel, the world’s leading weather provider*. Live radar updates, severe weather alerts, and native weather on the go. Tornado season is upon us. Be prepared with our new widget, local weather maps, storm radar news and your local weather outlook .

Live radar, weather maps, forecast updates for severe weather, and an accurate storm tracker – available wherever you are! Local weather reports will prepare you for what’s ahead: tornado season, rain season, and more. Severe weather happens everywhere – our storm radar and severe weather alerts have gotten you covered.

The world’s most accurate weather forecasts allow you to plan up to fifteen days beforehand , so you’ll plan ahead with confidence**. Our widget will provide you with a warning to changes and native radar updates. Be told when rain is coming so you’ll pack your umbrella. Track your local weather and live radar to organize for what’s ahead – rain or severe weather sort of a tornado or flood. Weather maps enabled with GPS, live radar readings, storm radar alerts, and weather warnings assist you face regardless of the clouds may bring.

The Weather Channel Features:

Weather Tracker:
– radar and native weather forecasts available up to 2 weeks beforehand
– Local radar makes planning outdoor activities a breeze
– ‘Feels Like’ feature allows you to plan what to wear before stepping out of the house
– Forecast updates hourly and daily – plan ahead confidently
– Real-time rain notifications right your home screen

Weather Widget – NEW!:
– Live radar feature keeps you informed on all weather patterns
– Storm radar makes tracking storms throughout rain and tornado season easy
– Widget feature offers more weather intimately at a look and one-tap access to the foremost accurate forecast
– Local radar updates, severe weather alerts in your area, and forecast readings for subsequent three hours – all on your home screen

Additional Features:
– Widget and features are compatible with dark mode – activate dark mode on your Android device for an excellent viewing experience
– Forecasts include detailed information on sunset times, allergies, and pollen forecasts
– Keep informed with the newest weather news
– Stay prepared during extreme weather events and tornadoes with live alerts

Additional information

UpdatedMay 6, 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByThe Weather Channel

Download The Weather Channel

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is that the most accurate source of hyper-local weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.)

Featured in: ny Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more.

The app is liberal to download and includes a full 24-hour forecast, an in depth 7-day forecast, current conditions, multiple saved locations, historical data, and delightful weather maps.

Sign up for a two-week free trial to explore all of the premium features below! If you’re keen on it the maximum amount as we expect you’ll , it’s only $2.99 / year thereafter (that’s 25 cents a month — barely the value of a gumball, and way tastier!).

· Down-to-the-minute Forecasts ·
Down-to-the-minute forecasts tell you exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing.

· Rain Notifications and Alerts ·
Rain Notifications , Severe Weather Alerts , and Custom Alerts keep you on top of ever-changing weather , without having to open the app.

· Temperature in Status Bar ·
Convenient persistent notification displays the present temperature in your phone’s status bar, and you’ll swipe down for the complete forecast.

· Widgets ·
Widgets show you the weather right your home screen: Current conditions, next hour rain forecasts, a daily summary, and a glance at the week ahead.

· Wear OS ·
The watch app gives you the complete set of Dark Sky capabilities, including current conditions, forecasts for subsequent 24 hours and next 7 days, and our hyper-local down-to-the-minute rain forecasts.

Additional information

Updated31 March 2020
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByThe Dark Sky Company

Download Dark Sky

Air Quality | Air Visual

No advertising – just all of the air quality information you would like , in one place. Welcome to the primary and only app to supply real-time and forecast pollution and weather data for quite 10,000 cities round the world.


+ Historical, Real-time, and Forecast pollution Data that matters: detailed figures on key pollutants for quite 10,000+ cities in 80+ countries.

+ 7-day pollution and Weather Forecasts: information to assist you propose your outdoor activities.

+ Health Recommendations: follow our advice to lower your health risk and achieve minimum exposure to pollutants. Relevant information for sensitive groups with asthma or other respiratory (pulmonary) diseases.

+ Weather Information: your one stop for temperature, humidity, current conditions and forecast weather information.

+ Link your air quality monitors to the app:

+ Live Monitoring of 6 Key Pollutants: track real time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, ozone, dioxide , sulfur dioxide , and carbon monoxide gas .

+ “Sensitive Group” Air Quality Information: relevant information and forecasts for sensitive groups, including those with respiratory (pulmonary) illnesses, like asthma.

+ Historical Data Graphs: view short-term pollution trends for the past 24 hours.

+ Ad-Free: enjoy the complete app nuisance-free.

+ Trusted Air Quality Stations: access US Embassy & US Consulate readings for China.

+ Growing Coverage: monitor China (with US Embassy and consulate ratings), India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands , Mongolia, Andorra, Czech-Republic + more – and cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Tokyo, Mexico City , Bangkok, London, l. a. , New York, and 9,000 others – in one place!

Additional information

Updated20 May 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByIQAir AG

Download Air Quality | Air Visual

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