Best LED Notifications Apps to Customize on Android phone

Here you can get Best LED Notifications Apps to Customize on Android phone. A LED notification is identifiable as a little light that blinks to point different info on your phone when the screen is off. Phone manufacturers include an LED notification to form information noticeable to the phone user. It also prevents the hustle of unlocking the phone often to see for messages or missed calls. However, many of the newest phones seem to ditch the LED light, and lots of users are missing to possess one. This article will explain how to add LED notifications right on the display edge or customize if your phone happens to have an LED light.

Usually, LEDs are located on the front a part of the body, either above or below the screen, while some devices feature it on the body’s edges. Typically, once you connect a phone to the charger, it emits the lied indicating the device is charging. you’ll also notice the LED blinking (if there’s any) when the screen is off to alert various notifications. But if there isn’t one, don’t worry.


Though this is often tested on Oneplus 6T, it should be working for many Android Oreo and later phones. So i used to be annoyed not having an LED notification light on OnePlus 6T and that i tried to form one among my very own. With phones having AMOLED display whenever a desired notification comes the app brings during a black screen with notification LED looking animation.

To use it:
1. Disable Ambient Display and any battery optimisation for the app.
2. Give notification access permission.
3 Select apps you would like notifications for, by choosing a color
Note: On successfully selecting a color for an app the text during which the App name is written should change thereto color
Thats it😇.

For MIUI 11 devices confirm that AutoStart is enabled in App Info. Also check “Show on lock screen” permission in other settings.
Settings image:

Additional Features:
1. Change LED animation time.
2. Change LED colours.
3. Change LED position.
4. Notify for missed calls.
5. Change LED size (Premium required!)
6. Add Downtime

Additional information

Updated22 May 2021
Current Version1.92
Requires Android8.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByXanderApps

Download NotifyBuddy

Edge Lighting

Always on AMOLED (AOA) may be a unique always on display which provides you with information about your notifications with edge lighting, clock, date, current weather, music control and far more right your screen without having to the touch your phone or tablet.

Our app is free and contains NO intrusive Ads. it had been designed to use 0% CPU, and low system resources while keeping your screen on to look at all the important details.

Unique Features:

• Themes – Default, One UI, Stickers
• Battery status display
• Multiple screen orientations
• Calendar view with events
• Root (Superuser) compatible
• Edge Lighting with custom colors and designs
• Fingerprint, and biometeric unlock
• SMS message reply
• Notch support
• sketchbook to require notes, or draw on the go
• Compatible with all screens like amoled, oled, lcd
• Curved edge option for square displays
• Notification with badge count
• Glance Display which activates only on notifications
• Time Rules for custom start/end times
• Interactive notifications with action buttons; Swipe left to dismiss, right to cover
• Many clocks like animated, analog, or digital
• Screen brightness control
• HD Backgrounds
• launcher shortcuts like calendar, flashlight, camera, calculator
• Fully customizable with many settings; Set colors, icons, fonts, text size
• Automatic rules for better battery life
• Auto movement to stop AMOLED burn-in
• Pocket mode option
• Memo option with sticky notes

Additional information

Updated3 May 2021
Current Version5.0.4
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered BynewGen Mobile

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Flash Alerts

Flash Blinking on incoming Call and SMS is one among the foremost useful and optimal LED Flash ALerts application with superior features to assist you not miss any Call, message or notification

★ The flash will blink when mobile receives a Call, message or notification
★ Very useful to assist you not miss Call, sms in dark night even mobile is in Vibrate or silent

✔ Install Ringing Flashlight when mobile is in Vibrate or Silent.
✔ Easily to regulate speed of sunshine to blink, blink frequency to be slow or fast
✔ you’ll install for Call or text also as install for other applications or software on mobile .
✔ Save more battery with close up function when low battery, you’ll adjust the sunshine activate or close up depend upon battery.
You can found out the time to activate the Flash Blinking on Incoming Call and SMS

– Please rate 5 stars if this is often useful
Don’t hesitate to contact us if any question for more clearly.

Additional information

Updated29 May 2021
Current Version4.05
Requires Android4.3 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFlash Team

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Light Flow Legacy

Light Flow Legacy may be a led control app for android phones. additionally to letting you control your LED flashes’ color, light flow gives you an additional option of controlling the notification sound. Not just like the usual notification sound for texts or email, but sound control with repeating sounds and repeating vibrations. a bit like the repeating flash of the LED. The app also supports Android Wear vibration support and lock screens.

The light flow allows you to customize the notification color for SMS messages, missed calls, low battery, and every one your social media apps. The icing on the cake is sleep mode, limiting the notifications as you enjoy your sleep . Users can prefer to cycle notifications or ask the app to point out the very best priority notification first.

This version of sunshine Flow is for Android 6.0 users who don’t wish to possess a persistent notification icon.

It has an equivalent features because the standard version of sunshine Flow minus the following:

– Android 6.0 Run-time permissions
– Camera flash control
– Alarm only mode notification

If you’ve got the quality full version installed this app will offer you the features of the complete version.

If you do not have the complete version installed, it’ll offer you the features of the lite version.

Additional information

Updated24 October 2018
Current Version3.99.00
Requires Android4.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByReactle

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Light Manager 2

Configure LED color and its flashing frequency for notification as shown below:
– Miss call
– Gmail
– Calendar reminder
– Hangouts
– Email
– Facebook
– Facebook Messenger
– Twitter
– WhatsApp
– GO SMS Pro
– Handcent SMS
– chomp SMS
– Textra SMS
– Verizon Messages
– Any 3rd party apps
– Low battery
– Battery charging
– Battery charged
– No signal
– Roaming
– No 3G/4G
– No Wifi
– Airplane Mode On
– Silent Mode On
– Vibration Mode On
– Ringer Mode On
– Mobile Data On
– Wifi On
– Wifi Hotspot On
– GPS On
– Bluetooth On
– NFC On

There are three operating modes:
1) Normal Mode – Only LED color for the primary notification are going to be flashing
2) Alternating Mode – a couple of LED colors are going to be flashing alternately when multiple notifications are received
3) Screen Mode – Notifications alert are going to be shown on screen (For those devices without a physical notification LED, only available for Android 4.3 and above)

Additional information

Updated5 April 2019
Current Version140.0
Requires Android6.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByMC Koo

Download Light Manager 2

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