Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Here you can get Best Caller ID Apps for Android. Here we provide best Caller ID apps are True-caller, Whoscall, Call App: Caller ID and Hiya ect.

Caller ID Apps are known to be helpful as they name random caller’s identification employing a well-founded database. they provide protection and security as they block calls, identify potential scammers, and even filter which telephone number to ignore and increase the blacklist. Here we’ve a rundown of the highest 10 Best ID Caller Apps so you’ll determine which one has reliable features which will help your day-to-day experience.


True-caller doesn’t upload your phone-book to form it public or searchable

** True caller is that the world’s best caller ID and spam blocking app – 50 crore downloads worldwide **

Manage all of your calls and messages quickly, by filtering out telemarketers and other unwanted disturbances. With a community-based spam list updated by many users worldwide, True-caller is that the only app you would like to form your communication safe and efficient.

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:

  • The world’s best caller ID will identify anyone calling you
  • See who is looking even before they call
  • Use Voice calling to speak to your friends on True-caller for free of charge
  • Call Recording – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (not supported on Android Pie and above)
  • Backup call history, contacts, messages and settings to Google Drive

World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:

  • Block calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, harassers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
  • Community based spam reporting in real time
  • Advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar digit sequences, and more!

Smart Messaging:

  • Automatically identify every unknown SMS
  • Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS
  • Organize your SMS into Personal, Important, Other and Spam
  • One-tap payment on transactional SMS
  • Free Chat together with your friends and family in Group Chat
  • Use Flash messaging for urgent messages
  • Track all upcoming bills and transactional updates in Important tab

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True-caller Premium – Upgrade and obtain access to:

  • No ads
  • Know who viewed your profile
  • Advanced blocking and filtering options
  • choice to view profiles privately
  • Get the Premium badge on your profile
  • 30 contact requests a month
  • Record phone calls (not supported on Android Pie and above)

True-caller Gold – Stand out from the crowd:

  • Gold caller ID
  • High priority support
  • All Premium features

Additional information

Updated10 May 2021
Current Version11.59.8
Requires Android5.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByTrue-caller

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To have a secure and trustworthy telecommunication environment, Whoscall is your one and only option!

Whoscall may be a highly-regarded phone app with caller ID & Block function. Besides calls and text messages service, we’re documented for our identification of incoming calls & SMS, the blocking of malicious spam calls & SMS, and powered by our massive database with over 1 billion numbers.

Official partner with Taiwan National Police Administration

Whoscall provides a totally functional phone feature. Calls, SMS, Anti-Spam, beat one app to manage your calls & messages!

Trustworthy phone app

▶Identify unknown calls: Only devour important calls by knowing who’s calling!

▶Block spam calls: Avoid disturbing quality time by blocking spam calls.

▶ Built-in dialer; Search & confirm unknown numbers before you dial out.

▶All-in-one Whoscall Call Interface: In addition to Answer / Hang up / Speaker, Whoscall still provide Whoscall Call Interface to spot incoming and outgoing calls.

Safe and secure SMS

▶SMS conversation page: Chat with anyone on Whoscall conversation page.

▶Identify unknown messages: Catch important messages and avoid disturbed one.

▶Block all annoying messages: Block spam numbers and not receive annoying messages!

Community-based data updated by many users worldwide,

Rich Caller Data

▶More than 1 billion number of knowledge from our global community.
▶Identify callers without internet access by downloading the offline database.

Whoscall Premium】

▶ Offline Database Extension: Get premium offline database, totally control your callers.
▶ Auto-update: Auto-update offline database.
▶ Ad-free: Remove all ads and luxuriate in the purest experience.

*According to Google Policy, please set Whoscall as your default caller ID & spam app and default phone app to activate Block and Whoscall Call Interface function.
*All authorized permission will only be used internally for Whoscall to supply better service.
*Up to Android 6.0 versions request permission on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Draw over other apps.
*Whoscall is usually looking forward to hearing from you! do you have to have any inquiry or suggestion, please reach us at

Additional information

Updated18 May 2021
Current Version6.79
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByGogolook

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Call App: Caller ID

A caller ID & call Recording App employed by Millions to call Block & Know who truth caller ID Is. Replace your dialer & address book with CallApp!

Block caller ID – Know who’s calling you using the simplest true caller ID , Call Blocker, telephone number Lookup, Contacts & Call Recorder Caller App!

CallApp Features:

  • Automatic Call Recorder (ACR)– Recording calls is easy! Recording calls & outgoing phone calls with our Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) feature! Call App has quality recording calls! True call recordings are often used on any android. Send call recordings on social media via our Automatic Call Recorder!
  • Who called me? – Block caller ID app that identify unknown caller ID & unknown numbers. Block caller ID & Spam Call blocker in our true call blocking app! Don’t forget the decision blocker to dam calls & unknown numbers! Know truth caller ID & when the block caller ID is on the spam call blocker list! Know whos calling me while blocking calls & spam block SMS!
  • True caller ID – Know truth caller ID from each call log! Caller App shows who called me, see Facebook Pictures on the identify callers page & telephone number lookup. Automatically Block calls that are spam calls & scam numbers.
  • telephone number Lookup – the simplest telephone number lookup & reverse telephone number search! Search or dial any telephone number or place & telephone number tracker. Dial these phone numbers from our caller ID App’s dialer. The telephone number lookup may be a great feature of our truecaller ID, call blocker & recording calls app.
  • T9 Dialer & Contacts app– CallApp may be a dialer app with a T9 dialer that helps call your contacts telephone number s from your address book & reverse phone number lookup! Manage your calls & contact list dialer within the Call logs using our free caller ID , spam call blocker & true call recording app!
  • Blacklist numbers– add spam calls, block numbers & contacts from your address book/ phone book to our free blacklist app within our caller ID & Call Blocker, Recording calls & dialer app! Blacklist a telephone number & never see unknown callers. Use the telephone number lookup to ascertain “who called me” & blacklist the amount .
  • CallApp+ – Identify unknown numbers, block calls & callers from IM Social Media Apps. All CallApp’s telephone number identification in one place to point out contacts truecaller id call log.
  • Contacts– See the truecaller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup, number locator, birthday, social media, email address book & phone book. Always know who called me with our contacts app.
  • Manage your Address Book – Automatically update your phone book through our dialer & call blocker app to always know whos calling!
  • Contacts Info & Customize– Customize your address book, caller ID, dialer, call blocker, call recorder & all of Call App with covers.

Record & block unwanted caller ID , blacklist numbers & scam calls. Unknown numbers blocked with our Call Blocker during a tap!

Recording Calls is straightforward . choose from automatic call recording (ACR) & manual true call recording when recording calls! Save your true call recordings within the favorite section of our true call recorder. Limit the amount of recordings you record with our call recorder. Share your recording calls on social media! Record calls with our call recorder today!

Our Caller App has the foremost phone numbers altogether true caller ID apps! Calling App can block spam calls & blacklist numbers with its automatic blocker caller, record calls with the decision recorder & always know who called me with free true callerid in our true caller ID , blocking calls & dialer app!

CallApp true callerid may be a top Communications Apps for its free block caller ID , Spam Call Blocker & Call Recorder!
Recording calls, call blocker, robocalls & nuisance calls, blacklist numbers, identify phone calls w/ true caller ID , contacts, address book, telephone number search, block numbers, blocker caller, automatic call recorder, dialer & always know “who called me” with Call App’s caller ID app!

Additional information

Updated19 May 2021
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByCallApp Caller ID, Manage & Customize your calls

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Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) Call Block Security identifies the calls you would like to require and blocks the numbers and texts you would like to avoid. Hiya is free (no ads!), and is incredibly easy to use.

Block nuisance calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers and SMS text messages, reverse phone search incoming call information and receive nuisance call alerts.

Hiya is powered by a database of many many phone numbers and many happy Hiya users who depend upon the app daily.


  • Caller ID: Take calls from people you would like to speak to and from friends not in your phone book.
  • Call Block / Nuisance Call Blocker: Blacklist unwanted callers, and block nuisance or fraudulent calls by sending them straight to voicemail. Control your privacy with an automatic call blocker that allows you to blacklist nuisance numbers.
  • Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is unwanted. Easily report nuisance numbers to assist warn others.
  • Unknown Callers: Identify unknown callers in real-time.
  • SMS Caller ID: Identify unknown SMS text messages, albeit they’re not from someone in your contacts.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Perform a reverse phone search on an unknown number to seek out out if it’s nuisance, fraudulent, or a legitimate caller.

Additional information

Updated10 May 2021
Current Version11.0.1-8647
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByHiya

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📞Show-caller specialized in identifying true caller ID name and region, unknown (fake caller id) incoming calls and avoid spam, scam, telemarketing and robocalls. a strong caller ID app, call blocker, quick number book, contacts, phone dialer and call recorder. quite 50 Million people trust!

🌟Fast, Safe and Smart🌟
🌟Caller ID working even offline🌟

It is the foremost accurate & easy-to-use true caller ID app can assist you instantly identify the incoming calls not in your contact list. it’s powered by a database of a billion phone numbers and many happy Show-caller users who depend upon the app daily.

Why do you have to choose Show-caller?

📞 caller ID – Show-caller shows you caller ID name and region. Once a result’s found, you’ll add it on to your phone book, contacts and number book. Browsing number tags and user reviews can assist you get more number details.

🚫 Call Blocker – Block number from known spammers or unwanted callers. Show-caller also provides spam reports during incoming calls from unknown and personal numbers that would be wont to block calls. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment and more!

Smart Dialer – Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts, replace your stock system default free calling app, bring your dialing experience to subsequent level! Make a call more smoothly and intelligently.

🔎 telephone number Lookup – All telephone number searches within Smart Search are stored. Perform a telephone number lookup on an incoming call and replica variety anywhere to seek out out who it belongs to (true caller ID name and region). the foremost powerful telephone number lookup in Show-caller.

👤 Quick Contacts – Easily have access to your recently or frequently contacts, call or text them, this makes your communication fast and straightforward . you’ll also add or modify your number book easily as you wish .

🔥 Offline Database (Lightning identification) – Fast caller ID and offline accessibility. Identify and show true caller ID without network. caller ID working even offline!

📌 Call Recorder – Powerful auto call recorder for you. Install Show-caller to urge best true call recording app at an equivalent time! Record any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HD quality call recording. Enable/Disable call recorder to your needs.

Easy to Use – Quick to download, easy to setup, it needs little or no space to run, extremely fast and reliable to caller ID .

Show-caller is completely free caller ID app to spot caller ID name and region. If you enjoy it, be happy to rate it accordingly. Start protecting your phone communication now and luxuriate in a pleasing calling experience.

Show-caller currently supports: Android 4.0 and above!

Don’t hesitate to hitch in Show-caller and luxuriate in the foremost accurate true caller ID service, I bet Show-caller for Android definitely worth some time and energy .

Additional information

Updated16 May 2021
Current Version2.2.0
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByShow-caller Caller ID Studio

Download Show-caller

ID Caller Name

  • True ID Caller Name focuses on identifying callers’ true identity by letting users know the name and region of unknown incoming calls also as avoid spam and scam calls like telemarketing and robocalls. True ID Caller Name may be a powerful caller ID ( identification ) app, call blocker, call recorder, and quick number book, allowing fast access to contacts and phone dialer.
  • More specifically, True ID Caller Name is that the best app to spot and block numbers, unknown callers. caller ID helps you to seek out who is that the true caller. you’ll also make fake involves fun. As a contacts widget, caller ID & Call Blocker works sort of a mobile number tracker, dialer, number locator, also as caller number identification tool. True ID Caller Name can identify calls, track telephone number s and even identify unknown callers to point out who’s calling you – Including the callers location.
  • Block numbers and texts you would like to avoid like telemarketers and scammers
  • Use the telephone number lookup feature to ascertain who has called
  • Easily see callers true ID
  • Use the smart caller ID tracker & blocker to spot unknown numbers
  • Automatically identify every unknown SMS message
  • Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS messages
  • Send pictures, audio, and video MMS messages to at least one or more friends directly
  • Use the clipboard to quickly copy and paste multiple text messages

True ID Caller Name Feature list

** caller ID

– Caller identification & number identification – Identify who’s calling in real time, no matter the phone numbers origin or from unknown numbers. The block number & caller ID mobile number locator functions show the important name and site of callers and acts as a mobile Number tracker to assist find truth ID of callers.
A caller ID finder & anti-spam add on, to always identify the traces and identity of every true caller name behind unknown or private calls. Always know who’s calling and control your phone calls! Know truth identity of your callers by choosing to put in True ID Caller Name: caller ID , Call Block.

** Call Blocker

– Block numbers, unwanted calls, and contacts by adding them to calls blacklist. When variety from your blacklist calls you, True ID Caller Name identifies the amount and blocks the amount for you automatically preventing unwanted calls and contacts from calling you once they are one your blacklist. It works sort of a spam call blocker and robocall blocker, which also provides an updated database.

** Full caller ID & Call Blocker info

– The caller ID & Call Blocker blocks names, photos, SMS messages, social info, etc. Through the mobile number tracker.

** caller ID & Call Blocker Location Tracker

– Now free yourself from unknown Callers calling from Unknown Locations! caller ID & Call Blocker helps you track phone numbers with Location Tracker.

** Themes

– tons of wonderful themes are available in caller ID & Call Blocker. you’ll now personalize the way you see your caller ID & Call Blocker.

** Contacts widget

– Fast access to save lots of the unknown numbers or call back missed calls, completed calls also as unanswered calls from the decision log.

**Caller ID & Call Blocker and Location:

– you’ll now easily see who is looking and identify unknown incoming calls, track phone number, and block numbers with the caller ID & Call Blocker App.

** Reserve telephone number Lookup

– look for any number or name in an efficient way. This feature works sort of a true caller trace app!

** Call Log

– See all call history within the recent calls menu. Including the missed calls, completed incoming and outgoing calls, unanswered calls. As a mobile number locator, True ID Caller Name shows intimately truth caller name and caller location. the decision block function aka call blacklist – call blocker, blocks unwanted calls. the decision logs of blocked calls also will be shown. No unknown numbers anymore.
– Record calls per telephone number or contact name
– Exclude recording per telephone number or contact name

Additional information

Updated4 May 2021
Current Version1278179999.99.9
Requires Android6.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByShare File Technologies by 090 Bravo

Download ID Caller Name

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