10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android

10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android

Here you can get 10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android. Here is FaceApp, FaceLab, How old I am, AgingBooth and Old Age Face effects ect.

One of the recent trends in mobile photo editor apps has been the well-received development aged progression apps. It took the web by storm, and suddenly, everybody starts to post photos of their older or younger looks on Facebook using Age Progression Apps.

Editing your pictures usually stopped at adding a couple of filters, but now you’ll tweak their images to seem either older or younger with striking results. With a singular photo modifying algorithm embedded in these apps, you’ll make a close-enough guess about how you’d look when you’re older, say at 60 years. Likewise, you’ll modify your image to seem beautifully younger and upload them to social networks.

Face App

Face App is one among the simplest mobile apps for AI photo editing. Turn your selfie into a modeling portrait using one among the foremost popular apps with over 500 million downloads so far . Face App gives you everything you would like to make Instagram-worthy edits for free of charge . No more extra tapping on your screen!

Use an incredible set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to make a seamless and photo realistic edit in ONE TAP. you’ll never need to spend hours photo shopping again!

More than 60 highly photo realistic filters


• Perfect your selfies with Impression filters 🤩
• Add a beard or mustache 🧔
• Change your hair color and hairstyle 💇💇‍♂️
• Add volume to your hair
• Try hot & trendy makeup filters 💄
• Use creative light effects
• Remove acne and blemishes
• Smooth wrinkles
• Easily enlarge or minimize countenance
• try the color lens
• Easy Compare tool at every step to match before & after
• Total control of temperature, saturation, and more


• Your favorite filters, now in video mode 🎥
• Apply filters to existing recordings to reinforce your portrait filming
• celebrate with live-action editing!


• Gender Swap: See what you’d appear as if as a special gender
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters 👴👵👶
• Morph your photo together with your favorite celebrity
• Swap faces with friends
• See what your future kids would appear as if
• Borrow your favorite style from different photos
• Put your face during a famous movie scene
• Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller
• and lots of more fun filters!


Share your Face App edits on to your favorite social media accounts

Face App is powered by the foremost advanced neural face editing technology. It makes every photo 100% perfect to prevent your followers mid-scroll. Share your enhanced photos with everyone you recognize and stay top of the newest beauty trends!

Additional information

Updated13 May 2021
Current Version4.5.0.4
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFace App Technology Ltd

Download Face App

Face Lab

Face Lab photo editor is that the best age changer free and gender swap app with easy to use amazing old face filters. Age progression app causes you to look older or younger instantly with the face aging effect. once you are interested by your look within the future, oldify yourself with aging filter in one tap. you’ll even toonify yourself with the funny cartoon face filters. all types of fun face swap is obtainable by Face Lab, zombify photos now to become a zombie.

Face Lab also comes up with fabulous gender changer where you’ll gender swap and take a reasonably pic as an lady . AI face editor has many filters for pictures to make hilarious memes and to surprise your friends. Face app allows you to montage brilliant pics with photo collage maker to point out before and after versions. Share your stunning photo collage on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK and Pinterest to urge numerous likes.

👵 Amazing Face Aging Effect:
Face Lab offers epic photo filters to oldify you! Make me old feature turns you into a cute old man or an elderly woman just in seconds. First choose a reasonably picture from your photo lab or snap selfie using Face Lab selfie camera. Resize your picture and adjust it’s size so no crop needed. Discover how you’ll get old within the future without aging within the real world . Magic face aging effect is sort of a fortune teller and offers perfect face aging prediction.

🧟 Zombie Photo Editor:
Face swap to become a zombie! Zombie photos instantly and share on social media to scare your friends. You’ll love the make me zombie tool! Special zombie photo editing tools are expecting you.

Cartoon Yourself:
Cartoon photo editor offers many funny cartoon face filters. Toonify photos with hilarious cartoon effects to ascertain yourself as a ton or an avatar.

Gender Changer:
Face editor provides marvelous gender swap filter so you’ll appear as if an lady just in seconds! it’s hilarious to ascertain yourself as a person or woman. Magic face app provides the foremost accurate results to modify gender and getting old.

👶 Face Filter to urge Young:
With Face Lab you’ll get younger the maximum amount as you would like . Throwback to 18 anytime to urge obviate your wrinkles and to possess a smooth skin. Young camera causes you to look fresh and flawless.

Photo Collage Maker:
After applying astounding aging face filters and gender swap; montage your stunning pictures in one special post to make hilarious memes and Instagram posts.

AI Face Editor:
This is the simplest adulthood face app to retouch selfies, promises Photoshop effect just in seconds. Face Lab photo editor causes you to look older or younger, for impressive selfies. Become a zombie in one tap, because of zombie filters!

🤳 Selfie Camera Effects:
Snap selfie to ascertain the fun filters directly on your face because of AI technology! Getting old and young is very easy with the face camera effects. Face swap together with your friends and take a gorgeous picture with the funny aging filter. Changing your gender is so fast with fun gender swap effect now!

Oil Painting Filter:
Convert your selfie into an art piece to impress your friends. Face Lab offers superb art filters for pictures. Face swap and make your picture appear as if an painting because of oil painting filters.

Cool Beard Effect:
If you can’t grow a beard and mustache, cool beard effect by Face Lab picture editor is simply for you. Get the design you would like with breath taking filters for pictures of staggering beard app. You don’t need the other photo editing apps if you’ve got Face Lab face editor. This the simplest beard app ever!

Additional information

Updated10 May 2021
Current Version1.0.15
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByLyrebird Studios

Download Face Lab

How old I am

Do You want to seek out how old you’re truly? Face Scanner, free app can find your age from the design of your face.
how old i’m , does one want the solution of this question with one step.

Face Scanner is a unprecedented app to acknowledge age from the photo, feelings from the photo, and ethnicity from the photo.

Find your age from the vibe of the face with Age Finder, Face Recognition, free app for all mobile versions.
Face Recognition, age finder is that the best app for those that wants to ascertain that how old they appear by their face!!


How old do I look? Decide your age from your photographs using our face scanner app Age Recognition app, how old I am? Find age from Photo. This app can find out your age, sex, status, feeling, ethnicity and situation etc.

Face Age is an application that helps you to seek out your age on behalf of uploading or snapping anyone’s photo then after scanning it’ll guess the approximate real age of the person.

Face Recognition additionally makes other facial examination to acknowledge your different characteristics includes: age, sex, status, feeling, ethnicity etc. In addition to generating an entire test for a topic, Face Scanner allows you to perform a selected analysis from your photo to seek out ‘How old you are?’

Age Analyzer

How old am I analyzing from photo? Find accurate age and a few other interesting characteristics by simply uploading or snapping an image .

Face Analysis App:

In addition to generating an entire test for a topic , Face Scanner allows you to perform a selected analysis from your photo to seek out ‘How old you are?’

Find Age from Photo:

How old do I look ? Determine your face age from your photos using face recognition utilized in Age Recognition app.

Age Analysis app can guess your age, gender, culture etc. Age Analysis app also works on multiple faces in one picture, it estimates the age for every faces within the picture.

Age Calculator:

How old am I exactly? is that this question bothering you?
Through calculation algorithms of this age calculator app you’ll discover your actual lifetime expressed in years.

Age Analyzer:

How old am I analyzing from photo? Find your accurate age and a few other characteristics like Culture, Country, Dress type, Fashion, Beauty, etc. by simply uploading or snapping an image .

How to use how old i’m app?

1. Open the app
2. Snap a photograph using application camera or
3. Pick photo from gallery
4. Now Age Calculator will automatically start processing on your photo
5. After scanning You’ll find the guessed age with characteristics like young, adult, celebration, cheerful, couple, man, woman, happiness etc.

Key features of Face, App Recognition app

• Camera Button
• Age Recognizer
• Facial Analysis
• Scanner Apparatus
• Recognize other characteristics supported pictures
• Find related keyword at heart
• Also include: status, situation, feeling, ethnicity, etc.
• Simple and straightforward to use
• Face Scanner, Recognize Age from Photo
• Age Analysis
• Face Scanner, Find Heritage Ethnicity from Photo
• Brain Analysis? determine how old is your brain?
• Face Scanner, Analise your feelings
• and its free, so grab it now ☺

Extra Features

** Android KitKat and latest versions Supported
** Capture Screenshot of the Result You Get
** Highly Accurate Results
** Simple; just add photo (from gallery or camera) and know the guessed age 🙂
** you’ll use this app on everyone photos, albeit you don’t know their date of birth.

What’s New

• Add Dark mode
• Fix minor bugs
• Face Recognition optimization
• Age detection accurate improve
• Origin analyzer
• Now you’ll see your previous picture
• How old is your brain ? Brain Test.

Sharing makes it even more fun. Now, share the results together with your friends and relations and let everyone excite. Enjoy, it’s FREE!

Additional information

Updated19 September 2020
Current Version3.4.2
Requires Android5.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByEdia Studio
In-app Products₹100.00 – ₹190.00 per item

Download How old I am


PiVi & Co is launching the Android version of its famous Aging Booth app (by the creators of Fat Booth, Bald Booth, Mix Booth, Ugly Booth & Booth Stache), one among the foremost popular iPhone apps. Aging Booth for Android is out there to download for free of charge on Google Play.

What will you appear as if when you’re old? And what about your friends? determine with Aging Booth, a simple to use and amazing face aging machine on your Android device. Aging Booth may be a funny (or scary!) thanks to instantly age face photos. Use Aging Booth on family, friends or colleagues photos and share them via email, MMS, Face Book, Twitter.

Ready to face your future?


• Works with photos crazy your Android device camera or from your photo gallery
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
• Shake device to ascertain before and after views
• Scroll results into the app gallery
• Save results to your photo gallery
• Share together with your friends via email, Face Book or Twitter


• Aging Booth may be a funny application made for entertainment purposes only and doesn’t guarantee resemblance to the important aging process.
• Aging Booth works best with people between the ages of 15 and 60.

Additional information

Updated9 August 2016
Current Version2.6
Requires Android2.3 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByPiVi & Co

Download Aging Booth

Fantastic Face

There are many secrets behind your face, the change of your love, things of your health, the event of your wealth and therefore the opportunity of your career. After scanning your face, our APP will make knowledgeable report for you consistent with your countenance , it tells the secrets those you do not even know of your face. What’s more, it can’t only see what your face will appear as if within the future and what your future baby will appear as if , but also compare who is that the most beautiful among you and your friends. additionally , you’ll study which celebrity seems like you and know yourself better with various interesting tests. Not enough if just the facial part? Your palm can tell you far more , try the Palmistry Predictor!


  • Daily Face Analysis
  • Aging Prediction
  • Aging Together
  • Baby Prediction
  • Palmistry Predictor
  • Beauty Competition
  • Love Pairing
  • Emotion Analysis
  • Smile Competition
  • Celebrity Match
  • Interesting Test
  • More interesting functions are going to be available soon


👵 Daily Face Analysis

What is your beauty index today? How is your skin condition? After shooting or uploading your photo, we’ll analyze your countenance with the professional technique then you’ll get a comprehensive report. within the report, you’ll see your beauty index, skin condition and expression score. Meanwhile, there also are love, health, fortune and work index and corresponding suggestions for you.

👴 Aging Prediction

Have you ever imaged what you’ll appear as if once you get old? How will your face change after 20 or 30 years? With the support of our senior portrait technology, you’ll know the solution.

👴 Aging Together

You can see what does one seems like once you are becoming old together with your lover or friend together.

👶 Baby Prediction

What will your future baby look like? Will your baby be more such as you or your lover? you’ll get the solution conveniently with the support of our advanced technology.

Palmistry Predictor

Curious about your future life? Predict future marriage, career, and financial fortune with Palmistry Predictor. the most function of palmistry is to know yourself more thoroughly and punctiliously , and to ascertain this.

👧 Beauty Competition

How beautiful you are? Who is that the most beautiful one of you and your friends? After uploading your photos, you’ll not only skills many scores you’ll get, but also find the many different parts of your face.

💏 Love Pairing

Is he or she offen shows up in your dream? does one have an opportunity to fall in love? knowledgeable analysis will offer you a prefect answer, and you will never lose your true love.

😠 Emotion Analysis

How happy you’re today? we will analyze it from your expression, emotion is usually connecting together with your luck, how happy you’re , how lucky you are! This function can remind you to be happy everyday.

😃 Smile Competition

Do you know that you simply have a sweet smile? do this now, upload your photos and show everyone your smile is that the best!
😊 Celebrity Match

Is there any celebrity inspire you a lot? After you’re taking a photograph graph or upload a photo, we’ll match the celebrity together with your countenance to seek out the celebrity which is analogous to you and provides you the related celebrity profiles.

👯‍ Interesting Tests

Have you tried interesting tests before? does one really know yourself? There are sort of interesting tests which may analyze your personality in comprehensive way. you’ll know yourself better with these funny tests.

Additional information

Updated30 January 2021
Current Version2.3.1
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+

Download Fantastic Face

Old Age Face effects

It’s interesting to ascertain how you’d look once you are old. The adulthood Face effects app is meant to assist change your age and just show how you’d take care of a couple of decades. The app uses photo editor filters and a few unique technologies to point out exactly how you’ll take care of quite a while . It’s a really creative and unique app designed to bring you a real specialize in visuals and quality. What makes this app unique is its great attention to details and true specialize in value for make old my face.

A stylish thanks to see how old is your age

The app can change my gender or make me beautiful, it also does provides a good insight of face changer into how some people can age. And that’s nice, because it comes with some creative aspects tons of individuals will rarely find anywhere else. That’s very exciting and unique, but at an equivalent time it just makes the experience tons more rewarding. this may goes to form me old and old my face.

Mind-blowing transformations

What tons of individuals love about the adulthood Face changer App tool is that we are offering mind-blowing transformations. Seeing how you’d look once you are old with the adulthood face effects app is good . But you’ll transform male to female and therefore the other way around. you’ll also use the fat face booth, create a funny face then on. The app does a tremendous job when it involves making things easier for you and optimizing this so you’ll just celebrate with it and go from there. It’s an excellent opportunity and something that you simply will enjoy all an equivalent regardless of what.

Adds stickers and use filters

With the adulthood Face changing app you’ll easily add stickers and just customize the way you would like to use such an app. It’s creative and funny, it allows you to explore new ideas without pushing the boundaries an excessive amount of . That’s what really makes this app powerful, the very fact that you simply can add aging face, baby face, bald face effects then on. Sure, you wish the way you look now, but if you would like to possess some fun you’ll enjoy some really cool ideas. And it’s all because of this cool face changer photo editor.

If you wish the thought of seeing how you’d look as a special gender, if you’re old, fat or bald, just try adulthood Face photo editor App immediately . this is often the last word cool app for folks that want to experiment with their face and see some alternative versions of themselves!


  • See how you’d look older
  • Cool gender swap feature
  • Mind blowing transformations
  • Use funny face filters
  • Add a fat face to your pics

Disclaimer :

  • We never gets any data stored from user, so never transfer it to anyone. and therefore the images retrieving is simply for applying face changing techniques thereon .
  • This app is neither endorsed nor affiliated with the other company or Brand.

Additional information

Updated20 January 2021
Current Version1.1.5
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByDHEW

Download Old Age Face effects

Age Face – Make me OLD

Welcome to Age Face Booth App

Wondering how you’d appear as if an old man? not got to do it! Age Face app may be a typical face ageing booth machine. Just add photo (from gallery or camera) and watch your scary old man face.

Are you curious to understand , how will you look once you get old or want to ascertain your old face? With this super cool photo editor app, you’ll make yourself or your friends old. Share results together with your friends and relations . Enjoy with them. a number of the age transformation effects are FREE and a few effects require In-app purchases.

Best addictive app within the market – Age Face – Make me OLD.

We are providing some ageing, mask and gifs related effects by using Lux-and APIs. Few effects are free and therefore the remainder of the consequences require In-app purchases.

Additional information

Updated2 February 2021
Current Version1.1.43
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByNaveedZafar

Download Age Face

Magic Face

Do you want to seek out out more secrets about your face? Shot a photograph and that we can predict your future face, your baby together with your lover, also know more about your present in your young age.


  • Young Camera
  • Past Life
  • Gender Switch
  • Aging Prediction
  • Baby Prediction
  • Expression Change
  • Ghost Makeup


  • Young Camera: If you’re still at your 18s, what is going to look like? With our Young Camera you’ll back to 18 anytime. regardless of how old you’re , at your 60s, 80s even 90s, you’ll travel back to 18 in one shot!
  • Past Life: Have you ever consider being 1,000,000 dollar princess? Or a famous Itlian opera singer? What would you be within the past life? Let’s test it now!
  • Gender Switch: If you’re another gender of your present,will you fall crazy with him/her? the primary thing is to ascertain what he/she looks like!
  • Aging Prediction: What’s your future look? How will your face change once you getting older and older? Come on to reveal the answer!
  • Expression Change: Poker face when taking photos? Don’t worry anymore. Smile or grimace,change to your favorite!

Additional information

Updated7 August 2020
Current Version1.5.0
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByStar Party
In-app Products₹2,450.00 – ₹8,800.00 per item

Download Magic Face

Make me Old

Make face young to old using simple cool face aging app.

Do you want to understand what you’ll appear as if once you get old?
How will your face change after 30 or 40 years?
Would you continue to look attractive once you get old?

With the support of our high-ranking portrayal technology aging face app, you’ll see the solution .

Simple face scanner and advance face aging app which will age your face, see your future face in seconds. If you’re interested about what your family, friends or celebrities will appear as if in adulthood , you’ll also scan their photos to ascertain their aging face and share the results with them or social media.

Open the face app camera and surprise getting older. Just scan your face and that we will show your future look in 30 years suing age app feature. Our faceapp camera makes it easy to charming and slim your face and strengthen your eyes.

We can guess your future look using on your current photo. you’ll see clear result how you appear as if in after 30 or 40 years.

Additional information

Updated24 October 2020
Current Version1.3
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered Byapps pouch

Download Make me Old

Face up – Face Editor

Face up the cool funny Live camera, gender swap with crazy & funny effects of Lens.

Snap Photo filters is ideal for what you’re looking for! Using the Face app, you’ll improve your photo or simply celebrate with gender swap, hair styling and other free & funny features: AI Face, Face swap, Face magic,Avatar ify and lots of more!

Face App that permits you to urge far more likes and followers from snap app thanks to its intelligent options- Reface, Impressions, Face Magic.

Face up have Funny times pictures and recording videos together with your friends! Make yourself skinnier, gender swap, buff yourself up or enlarge any body parts which may need some enlargement. confront – Age Changer is an Face app pro version free app which will put a smile on your change face.

Face app Video may be a wonderful phone beauty camera. Best Funny Prism Selfie optical lens Live Camera of the Play Store. confront Capture selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via social networks. Make your daily moment MORE FUNNY with FUNNY CAMERA – Face Editor.

A Funny Phone Camera. Specially Designed Camera & Editor for Selfie

  • Lens confront : big and little , Thin and Wide lens effect with Live Camera live store. you’ll Capture both side Front and Back Side of Came with Funny Effects.
  • Warp effects : Warp, morph, switch your face!, Can make larger or smaller. (eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, face line, etc..)
  • Face morphing : Can move individual face points, your face are going to be more beautiful, cute and funny.
  • Swap Genders Camera: Fast and responsive (real-time) manipulation even on older devices
  • Live Filter: Watch the result before even taking the image , Effects that end in ugly funny faces; distort, duplicate and transform your face.
  • Mirror Real-time Filter: a day one new effect: Stylish & Fashion, Strange & Fantastic, Fun & Special
  • Snap Photo Filters : Take photos and add with Snap and selfie app filters & stickers that are cool, creative plus fun and special smileys that make your pictures perfect to receive likes and followers
  • Face Camera Snappy Photo Filters : Stickers, emoticons and filters are unique and additional entertaining combination to personalize your images.
  • Face App : Transform your face using AI in only one tap
  • Insta Beauty Selfies : Awesome face app gender, with multiple options to beautify your photos with only one tap


  • Gender Swap: See what you’d appear as if as a special gender
  • Optimize GUI for left or right-handed users in Face Editor
  • Click on Gallery to line Funny Effect in Age Changer
  • Ocean Camera may be a funny beauty camera for your phone
  • On the Flash during Night in Back Camera
  • Swap faces with friends
  • Reface face swap videos
  • Face app gender changer free
  • Orange Camera 2019 beauty filter AR Age Changer Camera
  • Slide up or right down to adjust brightness in Reface app
  • Magic Mirror Pro-Make your phone screen a best mirror, smartest mirror

Face Apps is one among the simplest face editor for AI photo editing. Face Aging App is Face replace – old me, photo Predictor. confront is small Bee Beauty Camera therein you’ll add Funny Stickers, Super Magnifier Lite, Age Changer, Real-Time Filters in Pure Camera. Free Face Apps is powered by the foremost advanced facial technology for face edit, face change, face scanner and face swap video.

Face Maker is additionally advanced, fun and well-known worldwide for creating old face and bully off . Face ap with make me old functionality and alter your looks with our age app. Face world will cause you to more handsome. Photo face is that the best Photo face app with beard, mustache and hairs styles.

Aging App: Boring pictures are the past. confront Camera app is guilty for that! This face app gender photo editor will turn those boring faces into funny faces.

Additional information

Updated10 March 2021
Current Version3.0
Requires Android4.1 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFace up

Download Face up

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